Northwest Passage Dance Camp
Labor Day Weekend, September 4 to 7, 2020

Contacting Us

General Questions? Concerns? Just email us

Registration and Payment issues - you can also phone Ric Goldman at 650-906-8707 from 10a to 10p

Thanks and a hat tip to our committee

  • Patricia Donahue co-treasurer, fount of good ideas
  • Ethel Gullette - committee chair, chief cat herder
  • Ric Goldman - website, registration, housing, designated curmudgeon
  • Meg Green - site liaison, work-trade coordinator, inherent wisdom
  • Rick Piel - co-treasurer and all around good egg
  • Richard Scher - publicity, logistics, parking czar, puns on demand
  • Sue Songer - co-programmer, source of positive karma
  • Erik Weberg - co-programmer and a good bit of everything else

  • and lets not forget:
  • Kitchen - They feed us good food with good thoughts
  • Work-traders - these folks do a lot of the heavy lifting to make camp happen
  • All our wonderful campers who sign up for 2 chores during camp