Northwest Passage Dance Camp - 2018

Dances Done List

Here are the list of dances done at all the workshop sessions and evening dances (well, at least as much as we were told by the callers):

Friday night - David
Gavin's Fancy
Kind & Easey
Trip to Kilburn
Sion House
Friday night - Kalia
Scotch Morris
Chesire Rounds
Sally's Choice
Leather Lake House
Honeysuckle Cottte
Eastbound Rover
Jovial Beggars
Saturday morning - Kynaston/Shaw - David & Kalia
Apollo & Daphne (K)
Bonny Kate of Perth (K)
Well Done Jack (D)
Young Damon's Flight (D)
Three Coney Walk (K)
The Old Mill (D)
Pall Mall (D)
King's Maggot (K)
MacDonald's March (K)
Sam's Maggot (D)
Emperor of the Moon (K)
Saturday afternoon - Blind Harper Dances - David
Jubilee at Eindhoven
The Introduction
Hartburn Village
We Were So Youn
Saturday afternoon - Being a Better Partner - Kalia
Mrs. Savage's Whim
The Ragg
Saturday afternoon - The Many Moods of English - David
Belgia Retreiev'd
Bath Carnival
Autumn in Amherst
Saturday night - Kalia
East Indian
Sherry at the Ball
Set for Spring
Autumn Gifts
Goose & Gridiron
Turn of the Tide
Saturday night - David
Elverton Grove
Hambleton's Round O
Pluck me a Fig
The Zither Man
News from Tripoli
Softly Good Tummas
Upper Valley Waltz
Sunday morning - The Joy of Sets - David
Dolphins in the Sound
Sunday morning - Dancing Outside the Box - Kalia
De'il take the Warrs (longways duple)
Corelli's Maggot
Hoffedd Miss Hughes
Vivaldi in Paradise
Trip to Provence
Freeford Gardens
Sunday afternoon - Contemporary Choreography - David
Welcome Home
Mme. Fifer's Inauguration
A New Leaf
Sunday afternoon - No Walk-through Dances - Kalia
The Hop Ground / Money in Both Pockets
Cumberland Long 8
Knives and Forkes
Mike's Health
Take a Dance / Ore Boggy
Mile of Smiles
Sunday night - Kalia
O Frabjous Day
Key to the Cellar
Bring Me Flower
Excuse Me
Trip to Tunbridge
Mulberry Garden
Sapphire Sea
Sunday night - David
Sharon of the Green
Michae and all Angels
Mary K
Red and all Red
We Meet Again
Prince of Westborough
Monday - David & Kalia
Midnight Ramble (D)
Dolphins in the Sound (D)
Mr Isaac's Maggot (D)
Busie Body (K)
The Archer (K)
Indian Summer (D)
Algorhythms (D)
Flora & Phaon(K)
Kelstern Gardens (D)
The Homecoming (K)
St Margaret's Hill (D)
Jaque Latin (D)
Passages (K)
Barbarini's Tambourine (K)