Northwest Passage Dance Camp - 2017

The Free Raisins

The Free Raisins are an energetic trio, fusing New England musical traditions with a modern groove. The band features Audrey Knuth on fiddle, Amy Englesberg on piano, and Jeff Kaufman on mandolin, trumpet, and feet. Hailing from the Boston area, they came together in the summer of 2010 through their love of dance and music. Drawing from involvement in various aspects of their local dances, the Free Raisins see the dance as a whole, adapting their music to best fit the situation. They are right with you as you stomp on the balances, weave through the heys, and gaze into your partner's eyes.  When the Free Raisins are on stage, you're guaranteed to get your two scoops worth!

Audrey Knuth has made a name for herself in the music community, namely as a dance fiddler specializing in New England, Celtic and Old Time tunes. She occasionally has been known to use her audio engineering skills to put her degree to use as well. With her bands including the Free Raisins, The Gaslight Tinkers and Audacious with Larry Unger, she has travelled across the United States (and world) playing for dances and concerts. Audrey’s fiddling can be described as rhythmically lively and spontaneous; she's guaranteed to get you up and dancing.

Amy Englesberg grew up in a musical family, and her love of music continues to this day. She started playing piano at the age of five and trained classically with Ginny Snowe in Bellingham, WA. She was raised in the contra dance community, has been playing for dances since 2010, and now performs across the country on piano and accordion.

Jeff Kaufman plays a plethora of instruments and calls contra dances as well. He's well versed at bringing the dancers' perspective into his playing.